Upgrading MongoDb in php7 to use the php library

Upgrading MongoDb in php7 to use the php library

Recently we upgraded to php7 in our local environment, and most things worked straight away without any changes. Going from php 5.5 to php 7 seemed to work flawlessly with most of our code, as we have been strictly sticking to php standards in coding for quite some time, so the backwards compatibility seemed to be great.

Our projects are running with Zend Framework. Some of our older ones with Zend Framework 1 but our current projects all are using ZF2 as the code base.

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I had the most frustrating experience recently, with a page inside an admin area calling cached pages on the results page. So my client would input a new entry, but it wouldnt show in their results window. I personally use firefox, and it looked good, but because the...