Social Media Statistics Infographic for Australia April 2012s

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Social Media Statistics Infographic for Australia April 2012

We came across some great statistics the other day regarding Social Media in Australia in April. After looking over the information we were intrigued, and decided to represent it with an infographic. While most of the top 5 social networks are remaining steady, there is also a climb from google plus and other smaller networks […]

How I set up my email signature

I was recently asked how I set up my email signature, and thought I would share with a quick blog post for anyone that wanted to do a similar signature. The one which I use the most is the one below. It gives a personal touch because it shows you are willing to put your […]

Ace Web Design now offers blog install and design

Ace Web Design originally offers web designing, web development, advertising, and search engine optimization. Recently, the business has come up with the newest service offering wordpress installation and designing to cater to the recent needs of business owners who prefer to use WordPress. What makes WordPress stand out amongst other blogging systems is that it […]

Prevent caching in internet explorer

I had the most frustrating experience recently, with a page inside an admin area calling cached pages on the results page. So my client would input a new entry, but it wouldnt show in their results window. I personally use firefox, and it looked good, but because the project was not finished, I had not […]