Upgrading MongoDb in php7 to use the php librarys

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Upgrading MongoDb in php7 to use the php library

Recently we upgraded to php7 in our local environment, and most things worked straight away without any changes. Going from php 5.5 to php 7 seemed to work flawlessly with most of our code, as we have been strictly sticking to php standards in coding for quite some time, so the backwards compatibility seemed to be great.

Our projects are running with Zend Framework. Some of our older ones with Zend Framework 1 but our current projects all are using ZF2 as the code base.

Setting up https on Zend Server for Windows

Hi Guys, It’s been a while since I last posted on here, but I’m going to try to post a lot more regularly now. The reason behind this post is that, earlier today I needed to set up a secure domain on my local host. So being that I had to have a secure domain […]

Social Media Statistics Infographic for Australia April 2012

We came across some great statistics the other day regarding Social Media in Australia in April. After looking over the information we were intrigued, and decided to represent it with an infographic. While most of the top 5 social networks are remaining steady, there is also a climb from google plus and other smaller networks […]

How I set up my email signature

I was recently asked how I set up my email signature, and thought I would share with a quick blog post for anyone that wanted to do a similar signature. The one which I use the most is the one below. It gives a personal touch because it shows you are willing to put your […]

Ace Web Design now offers blog install and design

Ace Web Design originally offers web designing, web development, advertising, and search engine optimization. Recently, the business has come up with the newest service offering wordpress installation and designing to cater to the recent needs of business owners who prefer to use WordPress. What makes WordPress stand out amongst other blogging systems is that it […]

Add Templates to CKEditor

While I’ve been developing a newsletter module for Zend Framework this week, I have had to look at ckeditor very closely. I saw that you can edit the templates that are available, and also the styles you can use. Also the icons in the toolbar are customizable also. I will quckly run through what you […]

Create form elements in E text editor

I was working with e – text editor which is my editor of choice, and decided to publish a look at how easy it is to set up a snippet to make your development time much quicker. Just set up a snippet write the code that you want output, set the variables such as field […]

Make a google weather plugin in Zend Framework

I’ve been experimenting with creating a few new handy plugins and view helpers to assist in rapid fire development with Zend Framework. I came across a post recently which outlined how easy it is to output weather with php and Google Weather API So I thought I would share how to create an easy to […]

Raine & Horne Glenelg Web Design Released

Ace Web Design and Raine & Horne Glenelg are proud to announce the launch of their web site. It features a corporate look and feel with easy to use navigation, and beautiful ajax slides on the front page. Ajax popup transitions for the newsletter sign up, terms, privacy policy etc really helped to polish this […]

Luxury Comforts Ecommerce Site Setup

Luxury comforts web design is complete, and they are now taking online orders. The shop is easy to navigate and features a back end with ajax features. Newsletter sign up feature incorporated into each page also relies on ajax, so the user never leaves the page when signing up.

Just 4 Fish Released

Ace Web Design is proud to announce the arrival of Just 4 Fish. Just 4 Fish offers a variety of pet supplies available via online ordering. The site is tableless, and is compliant to w3c standards. Take a look at Just 4 Fish