Database Design Adelaide

Nearly all of the websites and web applications that we create use a database in some way. Database design is necessary to make the data structured in a way that makes sense, and allows an application to use that data as quickly as possible, while keeping the data in a tidy state.

We specialise in MYSQL databases for relational data, and Mongodb when a noSQL database is more appropriate.

The difference between MYSQL and NOSQL databases

When data needs to be structured, and often each table would relate to other tables, we would use a relational database such as MYSQL. This allows for fast joins in queries and for solid structures.

When data needs to use a “looser” format, then we tend to use NOSQL to allow us to insert data that doesn’t need to relate. Although records can be interlinked, it is often faster to do so with MYSQL.

NOSQL databases such as MongoDb are very useful for things such as log files, or storing complete file information, web pages, geographical data, and many other applications. It has really turned the way that databases are used around quite a lot.

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