Flightstats API Integration Adelaide

In a recent project we worked with quite a few travel API’s. These involved flights, hotels, day tours, car hire and many others.

One of the API’s that we used to speed things up was Flightstats which was very nice to work with. Simple and fast, it gave back predictable results when we needed them, and very quickly.

Having the ability to check flight schedules in easy to read json output made it a pleasure to work with.

Some of the functions which Flightstats has, include Airline Lookup, Airport Lookup, Airport Delay Index, schedules, flight ratings, connections.

You can get some great information from Flightstats, but that is all it is used for, information. If you need to make bookings for flights you will need to use another API such as Amadeus, Travelport or Sabre. Among those API’s some are easy to use, and others are extremely difficult.

If you are looking to have a website setup which integrates the flightstats API into it, then please contact us, so we can discuss your needs and put your project together.